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Since 2006, Kindness In A Box has built KIAB GREENHOUSES at the schools in the villages of: Kacllaraccay, Mullacas, Chequerec, Misminey and Mahuaypampa. Plus, 21 small greenhouses have been built at the homes of students attending those schools. Thanks to a grant from the Allen Foundation and the Kindness In A Box donors, the Kindness In A Box "Green Health Learning Project" partners with the Urubamba Dept. of Agriculture to educate all of these village school students regarding the importance of eating organic green vegetables to combat malnutrition, anemia and stunting. Vegetables and fruits grown in these greenhouses are used to feed the children through the KIAB School Lunch Program. During the current Covid pandemic, the vegetables grown in these greenhouses provided food for the families. 

In the Spring of 2019, the largest KIAB Greenhouse was built at the MahuayPampa School. 130 school children are learning to grow organic vegetables and have been eating healthy lunches. This large greenhouse was built thanks to The International Foundation's support and is part of the Kindness In A Box "Green Health Learning Project."

In 2021, Kindness In A Box began the "Farmer to Farmer Growing Project" by partnering with our Missouri Farmer: Jim Hoene and the Department of Agriculture in Maras, Peru. The purpose of the project is to educate the farmers in the Village of Mullacas regarding growing organic vegetables. This farming project mirrors the ancient Inca way to farm without chemicals, hand tilling of the soil, planting of organic seeds and the harvesting. The project will not only feed each family but, the sale of the organic vegetables will provide income.