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THE LITTLE ANGELS OF LYNDA..........Leon Almenara Ricardo

CUSCO.....For her age, she has seen everything and has traveled to many countries, met many people and has seen many cities. In her eagerness for adventure tourism, hikes and outdoor challenges, Lynda Burgman arrived in Peru to follow the Inca Way and travel to Machu Picchu.  But in the way unexpected things happen, Lynda recalls, " I came to realize that this place was going to be my project for life".  During the hike, Lynda stopped at the well-known salt mines of Maras and saw what only a well trained heart can perceive: small children 2 to 7 years old working in deplorable conditions. 

Lynda spoke with them and said "I will help the children". When she returned to her home in Saint Louis, Missouri, she immediately got on the phone. She managed to collect toys clothes and school supplies and sent them in cardboard boxes to Maras. Mario Meza Auccapuma, a good man who knew the children, helped to distribute the donations. Lynda named her charity "Kindness In A Box". Oprah Winfrey recognized the charity and Lynda's work on her  "Pay It Forward Show".

This generous woman decided to take another step and help the parents of those hundreds of children. A few months ago, in October of 2008, Lynda offered to help them finance the purchase of hens through Kindness In A Box "Henny Penny Program". They must re-pay the debt in one year. The program has worked and will be repeated with other families.  "These families need support" comments Lynda.  "I came to hike not to start a charity but, the children touched my heart". A very great heart, by the way.